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Uninterruptible Power Supplies

It may not sound like it but this is the technology sector that keeps the modern world going and because of that has become a new and dynamic market.

Demand for the data centres that lie at the heart of the businesses that are building the high-tech commerce hubs of tomorrow has meant that continuous power is now the life-blood of the information age.

As a result the sector is growing in importance and value and per has an unrivalled reputation for recruiting in the systems market place and which is why we work with leading OEM’s and venture capitalists from the design department to the board room across Europe.

Our solid understanding of this technology sector means that we can think, quite literally, out of the box, when looking for your candidates. This means that we can see how the people from other sectors can cross from one area to another because they share a common set of skills and contacts.

An expertise that allows our candidates to benefit from our breadth and depth of knowledge by exploring opportunities that they would not necessarily have thought of, and to find alternative careers they would perhaps not have thought about.