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Power Supplies & Semiconductors

You could say that power supplies are our core technology, because it has been the bedrock that the company has developed around over the last two decades.

As a result of that we now have an extensive network of contacts in switch mode power supplies and have moved with the times, reacting to new developments like the convergence of analog electronics and digital electronics by finding the staff to respond to that changing world.

And power supplies are not just our bedrock, the changing high-tech world is now totally reliant on that same bedrock for the power supplies for mobile phones for instance, just one of the many other things that we use every second of the day that would not work without this crucial technology.

To feed the demand, our coverage of the sector is comprehensive, from DCDC converters, ACDC power supplies, to DC power rectifiers, power semiconductors  and semiconductors.

And because we know the European power supply industry so intimately, we can source power engineers at all levels quickly, and efficiently, ensuring that the industry’s customers are never without the power that they need.