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Latest News

Latest News

Education engagement needed to stop skills shortages

Writing for the Huffington Post, Dr Gordon Mizner, Chief Executive of EDT, the largest provider of business/education links in the UK, has highlighted the need for companies to be prepared to invest in supporting links with schools.

16th September 2014

Installation of digital train radio system by RailCorp

Sydney rail network operator RailCorp in New South Wales, Australia, has begun construction of the first of 250 towers required for its new digital train radio system (DTRS) network.

10th February 2014

Sunny spells for solar power

The US solar power industry has received a significant endorsement from a top US financier who stated that the sector is moving rapidly to the point it will no longer need government support.

20th January 2014

India Embraces Solar Power, Says Price Will Equal Thermal Power in Five Years

Economic South Asian superpower India has firmly embraced solar power, advancing the target date by five years for selling solar-generated electricity at the same rate as electricity generated by fossil fuel plants, from 2022 to 2017.

5th January 2014