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Executive Search Solutions

This is a structured, bespoke headhunting service that we recommend when time is critical, as in the recruitment of senior individuals, or when there is a shortage in a specialised electronic sector such as power design engineers. This is a highly personal service, designed to find you the best person for your position.

Assignment structure

Client visit and working document compiled

So we can fill your vacancy we need to make sure we know exactly what you want. To do that we visit your company to get an idea of your culture and values so we can find the person that will work best with you and also so we can effectively market your company to that person. And, having understood your needs, we work closely with you to compile a detailed job description to find the ideal candidate.


To do that we draw up a list of potential target areas, and then make an initial approach on your behalf to draw up a list of interested potential employees. We view ongoing communication with our clients as an essential part of this stage so we keep in constant contact, discussing the methods we will use to generate a response and agreeing the method of approach.

Potential candidates are contacted

Once we have identified suitable candidates, more in depth telephone interviewing is carried out and the opportunity is discussed in confidence. A process that also involves our reporting back on the level of interest we have received and what obstacles might need to be overcome to raise that interest.

Initial Face to Face Interviews

Approximately 10 - 15 candidates are interviewed depending on the role at regional locations.

Presentation of shortlist

A shortlist of candidates who can and want to do the job are then presented to the client, meaning the final interview process is focussed and productive.

A candidate's track record is verified as is reasonably possible and confidential references requested.

Client Interviews

Client interviews are arranged. Often we attend the interviews together with the client to add continuity.

Offer and acceptance

per works particularly closely with the client and the candidate at this final stage in order to manage expectations from both the candidate and the client in order to reach a successful conclusion.

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