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Database Search

We are keen to build long-term working relationships with our clients and use our specialist knowledge of the power supply, UPS and solar inverter markets to quickly and effectively source vital employees for those clients saving them the time and money they lose when an integral part of their organisation is missing.

An essential tool of that process is our extensive database of candidates, which is constantly growing thanks to our established reputation in the electronics sector, our use of internet technology and our advertising coverage.

It provides us with a network of contacts from across Europe, Asia and the US that we have built up over nearly two decades that not only gives us information on what our candidates are doing, but also allows us to develop a privileged global insight into where the industry itself is going.

We see our database not merely as a pool of trusted candidates but as a vital part of our networking process and an information tool which can often help lead us to the right candidate via referrals. The database or contingency search in itself can provide a fast and directed solution to our clients needs

This thorough source of information is the first place we start searching, when asked to fill a vacancy often providing us with the initial leads we need to find the right person for the right job.

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