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Alternative Energy

per green energy division is focussed on solar inverters and wind power, having identified the trend towards environmentally friendly technologies at its start has allowed per green energy to develop a comprehensive understanding of the issues and needs in this complex area.

Just as moving to green power was a natural progression for the industry, it was also for us as it draws on our knowledge of specialist core technologies in uninterruptible power supplies, dc inverters, semi-conductors, rectifiers, dc motors and generators that are so crucial to the development of this new area.

It is an emerging market that benefits from a solid understanding of the global electronics recruitment sector and how particular skills can be tailored to that development. With that in mind per green energy has actively developed a network of high calibre people throughout Europe to service this rapidly growing industry.

As it is now essential for the world to develop sustainable energy sources as fast as possible we like to think that we too are doing our bit by using our blend of technology and expertise to find the workforce to make it happen.

The solar inverter industry is in its infancy, so at the moment experienced people are limited and to meet the demand, it is important to find alternative areas that potential candidates can come from, because we think that the future is our business.

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